Thursday, May 2, 2013

Runny Nose Be Gone....

*Disclosure - BzzAgent provided this product to me. All opinions are my own. I was in no way paid to blog about this, other than being given the product*

Do allergies run your kids down? Do you find yourself wiping their nose every 2 seconds it seems?

My youngest son is cursed with horrible allergies. The amount of tissues I go through in a days time is ridiculous. Just playing outside was sometimes a task because we always had to make sure we had enough tissues. If we went to the park and forgot our stash then that meant we came home with my sons shirt caked with snot. I had bought some over the counter allergy medicine. I have to admit I usually went for the generic stuff. Everyone always tells me that the generic is just as good as the name brand. Nothing would work the way we wanted though. They would either make him tired or just plain seem out of it. We can't live like that.

Then one day I was asked to join a campaign with BzzAgent for Claritin Childrens Tablets. I thought GREAT!!!! It sure could hurt to try it. Well I recieved the product in the mail shortly after and immediately started using it.

Now let me start by saying I got the chewable tablet kind. My son has no problem taking medicine, but for some reason loves the chewable types.

I will start by giving you some facts on this brand.

When children gain relief from allergies, they can turn their focus to school, sports, friends, hobbies and other “kid stuff” all day long. Here are a few more reasons why Children’s Claritin® products are a great choice for all-day relief:
  • Only Children’s Claritin® provides powerful 24 hour relief for a child’s worst seasonal and indoor allergy symptoms without making them jittery or drowsy1
  • Seasonal allergens peak in the spring and fall due to the pollination of certain trees, grasses and weeds
  • Indoor allergens like dust, mold and pet dander are often present at school and at home
  • Children’s Claritin® is the #1 Pediatrician Recommended Non-Drowsy Allergy Brand — an important fact to note when choosing medicine for your children
  • 24 hour allergy relief; one dose lasts the whole day
  • Claritin® has a variety of forms for kids, including Syrup and Chewables for children ages 2 and up, and RediTabs for children ages 6 and up
1 Among leading OTC brands

Now some facts on my own personal experience. 

  • Me and my son immediately started noticing  the difference with in the first day of taking this product. 
  • With in a whole 24 hours we were not using any tissues.
  • My son seemed to have more energy from him allergies not weighing him down. 
  • He has not once appeared to be drowsy from the medicine. 
I found how nice it was to be able to go to the park and not have to stop him from playing just so I could wipe his nose. 

I would personally recommend this product to anyone who has children with allergies. Although I found the product to be a bit pricey, I believe it is well worth the price. 

*Disclosure - I was given the chance to try out and then review this product as a BzzCampaign through BzzAgent. I was not paid any money for this review. I was simply given the product to try. All opinions are my own.  

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