Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We Love HuHot...

We have a tendency to eat out a lot. It has been worse since we moved to the city. But even though we eat out a lot, we have a tendency to go to the same place. We love HuHot. If you have never been there them you are missing out. It is an all you can eat Mangolian Grill. You pick your meat, noodles, vegetables, and sauce. Then you watch them cook it on their huge round grill. My kids even love it. Grayson has found he live crab and Cayden loves squid (calamari). I would have never thought my kids would eat that kind of food but they love it. HuHot also has an amazing salad that I am dying to find out what they use for the dressing. This is where we went for our Valentines dinner. It was yummy!

Friday, February 15, 2013

I Love Cupcakes

If you know me you know I love cupcakes! Today I became the owner of some heart shaped silicone cupcake bakers! I am in heaven. Really when I become the owner of anything that belongs in the kitchen I am happy! I love baking and cooking. My passion is to be a great cupcake maker and a marvelous cake decorator. If I could go to culinary school then my dream would come true. But sadly there are no culinary schools where I live.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Our Favorite Dinner

I think it is funny that I see this as a popular dinner now. I have been making this for dinner since 2003. Although my version isn't near as pretty as some of the ways that they are making it today, but not still tastes just as yummy!!! I decided in would share with you how to make it the way I do!

First you only need 4 ingredients.
One pound hamburger
One packet taco seasoning
Two rolls of crescent rolls
One bag of shredded cheddar cheese

Step one: brown your hamburger and drain.

Step two: add taco seasoning to meat as directed on the package.

Step three: while your meat is cooking with the seasoning spray a cake pan with a nonstick spray.

Step four: spread the first roll of crescent rolls along bottom of pan. Until bottom of pan is covered.

Step five: spread hamburger meat over the crescent rolls on the bottom of pan.

Step six: cover hamburger meat with half the bag of shredded cheese.

Step seven: cover hamburger and cheese with the other package of crescent tools. Make sure you crease the sides all the way around (pressing the bottom layer or crescents and the top layer together to close the whole thing up)

Step eight: sprinkle the rest of the cheese on top and bake according to the directions on the crescent roll packs.