Thursday, May 2, 2013

2- IN - 1

*Disclosure - I was asked to try this product and give my honest opinion. All opinions are strictly my own.


When you hear about body wash and shampoo all in one, what do you think of? For me, I think of baby wash. Or maybe even shampoo plus conditioner. I would never think they would combine shampoo and body wash for adults. So imagine my shock when they sent me this product to test out. 

I shared with my friends on Facebook that I had recieved this product to try out. The response from one of my friends was, "I don't know if I want to try any product that has the word CORPS on the bottle, LOL". I don't blame her. But I knew I couldn't give a honest review if I didn't fully try it. So the last couple of days I used it. 

Day one: I was out of shaving cream so I decided to use it for my legs so I could shave.
Day two: I used it for both body wash and shampoo.
Day three: I used it for body wash and shampoo.
Day four: I only used it as body wash.

I feel like it is wonderful as a body wash. My skin was very soft and smooth when I was done. That night my skin still felt soft. I thought well if it made my skin this soft surely it will make my hair soft also. So the second day I washed my hair with it. I wasnt to impressed but decided I will give it another chance. So day three I washed my hair with it again. I was not happy. I felt like my hair was super dry. I have decided I won't be giving it another chance as shampoo. Although I do have to say I love it as body wash. My skin has felt amazingly soft since I started using it. 

Now back to the "corps" part. I have to say the packaging of this product is nothing special. In fact it is not going to catch my eye at the store. It in fact is pretty boring to me. I understand the word corps is just the word in another language. I just think maybe they should leave that off. 

So it is good for body wash, bad for shampoo, and needs serious improvement in the looks department. 

*Disclosure - I received this product from Influenster and was asked to try it out and give my own personal opinions on it. I was not paid in any other way other than the product. All opinions and everything shared in this blog is my own opinion. 

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