Monday, May 13, 2013

No More Ants and Weeds Be Gone

* Disclaimer - This is a product review. I was provided this product as part of a BzzCampaign provided to me by Bzzagent. All opinions are my own and I was not paid to give this review other than the product itself.

I hate Ants. Especially those little black ones. They seem to never go away. It seems like you can spray and spray for them and they never seem to go away. Or they leave for a couple days but are right back after the first rain. Now that I think about it the same goes for weeds. Anyone else feel this way?

Well I was asked by Bzzagent to join in on their campaign for Amdro PowerFlex Pest and Weed System. Amdro claims "The AMDRO® PowerFlex® Pest & Weed System is a revolutionary new pest- and weed-killing system. A true all-in-one solution -- you can take AMDRO® PowerFlex®system from your lawn to your home in seconds to kill pests and weeds. Just fill your tank with water and attach any of the four AMDRO® cartridges to the system’s battery-powered sprayer. The adjustable, battery-powered sprayer automatically combines concentrate from the cartridge with water from the tank, so you get perfectly combined solution every time, with no wasted water or concentrate. And when the job is finished, cleanup and storage is easy. Simply take out the cartridge, press and hold the trigger for 10 seconds to flush the sprayer with water from the tank and snap partially used cartridges into the convenient storage area on the back of the system. Finally, a versatile system that’s better for all your pest and weed problems." 

My first thought was skeptical since I guess I didnt unerstand how a product could be safe for inside your home yet powerful enough to work outside. Boy was I suprised. And I loved the fact that it is super easy to use. 

Since we have problems with little black ants that seem to love our porch I decided to use the Yard & Perimeter Outdoor cartridge first. It was easy to use. I put the amount of water the directions say in the big container. I then snap in the cartridge I am using. Then I am good to go. 

It has been a week since I sprayed the perimeter of my porch and I have yet to see any ants. It has even rained a couple times since I sprayed. I am very optomistic that if this stuff is this good on ants outside that it will be amazing on weeds. 

As of right now I will be telling all my friends and family about this product. In my opinion it truely claims to do what it claims to do. I am very impressed. 

*Disclosure - I was given the chance to try out and then review this product as a BzzCampaign through BzzAgent. I was not paid any money for this review. I was simply given the product to try. All opinions are my own.

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