Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We Love HuHot...

We have a tendency to eat out a lot. It has been worse since we moved to the city. But even though we eat out a lot, we have a tendency to go to the same place. We love HuHot. If you have never been there them you are missing out. It is an all you can eat Mangolian Grill. You pick your meat, noodles, vegetables, and sauce. Then you watch them cook it on their huge round grill. My kids even love it. Grayson has found he live crab and Cayden loves squid (calamari). I would have never thought my kids would eat that kind of food but they love it. HuHot also has an amazing salad that I am dying to find out what they use for the dressing. This is where we went for our Valentines dinner. It was yummy!

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